We believe that tourism is a powerful tool for social change when carried out in a conscious and participative way.

When traveling we feel a little more connected to a part of the world. Which one of us never developed an special interest by events happening at a location after we’ve seen it in person?

Caring about what happens beyond our lives is very important, caring and doing something about it is even more powerful.

We want you to think about tourism as an opportunity to impact more than your own life. With that in mind, we promote trips which enable you to truly connect to the reality of the communities we visit.


In order for that, we work with two main pillars: community based tourism and volunteering.


Through the cultural activities guided by locals, you have the opportunity to live a meaningful immersive experience, at the same time as we present them with a much needed alternative for income.

Volunteering is, by its turn, a tool for deepening of the experience and to help bring visitor and host closer to each other, creating an unforgetable experience.

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We are a travel agency whose mission is to spread the concept of a more responsible tourism. A tourism with the purpose of, not only, providing a truthful experience to the traveller, but also to achieve a positive impact in local communities and partner projects.  


We build our experiences in partnership with NGOs and communities, in a process which cherishes cooperativism and not assistentialism. Only by working together, agency, traveller and community, we are able to transform a simple trip into an eye to eye experience, each unique in its way.

Tourism can be an excellent tool for social transformation and we will stop at nothing to help you see it through new lenses!

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