R.U.A.S – Rede Urbana de Ações Socioculturais, was born to promote social transformation of the youth living in underprivileged neighborhoods of Brasília. They believe that in order to change their reality, it is necessary to occupy public spaces to practice healthy and ludic activities, producing artistic manifestations and promoting urban culture, dance, sorts, education, communication inside the community, as well as social entrepreneurship.


Ceilândia - Distrito Federal

32km from Brasília, Brazil's capital

General info

Duration: all programs start at 4 weeks.

Languages: intermediate knowledge of either portuguese, spanish or english necessary in all programs

Prerequisites: you must be at least 18 years old 

Dedication: 20 hours a week

Accommodation and food: 

Accommodation inside the project is not possible. 

Participants will stay either in a selected family home or in a hostel.

We currently need help with


Help us raise awareness about our work through social media and other online campaigns.


Communication is the base of success right?! Create incredible designs to spread our message!


We believe in all types of art! From dancing, music, theatre or cultural production, we want that expertise of yours!


We need people with mad office skills to help us improve  organization and productivity.

Not what you were looking for? If you like this organization, send an email to oi.hola.hello@iris.social and find out how you can help.