Volunteering is about contributing to an organization or a cause, either at your neighbourhood or at a foreign country. But in order for it to be effective, some necessary precautions must be taken under consideration by all the involved parties, which includes you!


Our volunteer programs have true social impact as primary goal. The activities are based, mostly, in Brazil's capital, Brasilia, and consist on taking some time to dedicate yourself to the mission of a local NGO, engaging in specialized activities designed by the projects, acoording to their real needs. 


Most of the time, only the will to help is not sufficient, you’ll need to be qualified to do so. That is why our programs are build with a series of prerequisites for each activity that you need to meet if you want to fill out the position, so be attentive when electing a program!

To know more about international volunteering, its impact and potential before applying, go to


We are a facilitator. We are rooted in Brazil, with strong connections inside the community and experienced in volunteering around these parts, so we can guide you through the process, making things smoother.


Speaking in a more practical way:

  1. We can point out trustworthy organizations that would not reach out to you otherwise, promoting cultural exchange;

  2. Interact with organizations to identify volunteer opportunities inside the projects;

  3. Prepare them and you so that we achieve better results;

  4. Help you adapt to the new environment;

  5. Provide good and safe accommodation;

  6. Provide you with the necessary tools to improve your work;

  7. Measure the impact of your presence;

  8. Assist you with visa procedures;

  9. Provide 24/7 assistance while you’re here.


The most important part about it is that we believe in volunteer work and its capacity to help NGOs achieve better results. Our partner projects believe the same and they are choosing to have you because they want the help you can bring and that is a great responsibility.


Besides that, most volunteer abroad agencies tell their customers that a big part of the fee they pay for the programs is to contribute with the NGOs. That might be true for some, but at any rate, is a lot harder to tell how much of that money is actually directed to the projects.


We prefer to charge you less for the program and let the social contribution you’ll make to be primarily from the volunteering. But, as we are deeply aware of the struggle most organizations face to close their bills, financial contribution is one of the main parts of our method, to be implemented directly by you, once you are here.


We will ask you to mobilize your network through crowdfunding to implement a specific project or improvement deemed useful by yourself and the organization you are volunteering at. Thus, the usage of the money also involves you, as you will work with the NGOs management to access the best way to put it to use, making you an essential part of the whole process and mobilizing awareness to the problems you’ll find here.

We are currently working in Brazil's capital and in partnership with a few NGOs apart from big cities. 
If you like our proposal, get in touch through the email below and we'll find THE PERFECT SPOT FOR YOU.